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Innovators of Data Science: The Graphic Novel

At the beginning of 2021, we set out on a new journey: assemble a team of six artists and illustrators and craft a graphic novel to tell the stories of the twelve people who had the most significant impact on the history of data science.

Six months and eighty pages later, we are proud to announce the very first graphic novel on the history of data science: “Innovators of Data Science — From Bayes to Bayesian Neural Networks.” And today, you can get your very own copy!

500 new copies available each month!

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Now, why would a tech company like Dataiku create a graphic novel? In short: It’s who we are.

Dataiku has never been solely focused on product features. We take pride in how we set our clients and partners up to systemize the use of data and AI across their organizations. We are convinced that, in order to reach this level of frictionless collaboration, you need a shared data culture among collaborators from diverse business and academic backgrounds.

“This is brilliant and I can’t decide if it should stay on my desk in the office or on my coffee table at home.”

A Happy Reader

This is why, in the beginning of 2021, we embarked on this journey. We contacted Sandrine Martin, a successful French comic book author, to flesh out the stories of twelve innovators. Pretty soon, illustrators Gilles Warmoes, Philippine Brenac, Kelsey Suleau, Sheina Szlamka, and Tristan Garnier were onboard, and we started drafting the first drawings.

Fancy a sneak peek? Here is the portrait of Alan Turing.

History of Data Science highlights how data and AI is everywhere (and should be used by everyone, no matter their skill level or background) — in this case, in the form of binge-worthy, educational content. This is the same reason why we shot an hour-long documentary, Data Science Pioneers, and why we host a podcast called Banana Data.

And if we’re going to do it, let’s do it right. This means rooting the data culture in inclusivity, collaboration, and responsibility.

Data science and AI, just like any powerful tools, have a dark history: eugenics, Nazism, military usage, uncontrolled bias in social settings, and so on. We wanted to build something to remember those errors from the past and learn from them for the future…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”